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Why does my sales amount differ?

Let’s walk through this with an example. You publish a video on VOYD.tv which is priced at 10 Euro. During November this product is bought by 10 customers residing in Sweden that has a 25% VAT on digital goods. If you log into VOYD’s Creator Admin and visit Business you will see the following summary:

  • Paid - This is the sum that VOYD has received from the payment provider after the payment provider has deducted the transaction fee. In this example, let’s assume that the transaction fee was 1%. The sum displayed under Paid would then be 99 EUR (10 EUR * 0,99% * 10 purchases).
  • Profit - This is the sum that is payable to you after VOYD has deducted VAT and VOYD’s commission. First VOYD will deduct 25% in VAT for each customer which is a total of 25 EUR that VOYD has to pay in taxes which makes the payable amount 99 - 25 = 74 EUR. In this example, let’s assume the creator is using VOYD.tv Pro which means VOYD’s commission is only 5%. The profit shown in Creator Admin will then be 74 EUR * 95% = 70,3 EUR.