How do I cancel a Membership?

How do I cancel a Membership?

Click on the menu in the top left corner > Account > My Memberships > Edit > Cancel Membership.

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    • Can members cancel at any time?

      Yes, there is no commitment period and your members can cancel their subscription at any time. It then runs until the last payment date and after that they no longer have access to your content.
    • How do I create a Membership?

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    • How do I include a video in a membership?

      To add a video to a membership, you can either press "Edit Membership" and add the video to the "Content" list, or you can choose in the video upload to include the video in your membership by checking the Membership box
    • Complete Guide - 4: Get a Recurring Revenue with Membership

      A smart way to get recurring revenue is to create a membership service on Then your followers and customers can subscribe to your video content, either all or the content you select, for an ongoing monthly cost. There are two ways to charge ...
    • Can I sell a video both as pay-per-view and include in a membership?

      You choose yourself in the video upload in which ways you want to be able to pay for your content. You can check several boxes such as Pay Per View and Membership e.g.