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Payout of proceeds with Gigapay

Making sales is good but getting paid is great. The first of every month, our system summarizes your sales for the previous month and notify you by email. In Creator Admin under Business > Payouts you can see a summary for each month. 

Previously, we would pay out this amount directly to you but since November 2023, VOYD has partnered with the Swedish company Gigapay to offer secure, flexible payouts globally. If you have a payout you can request that payout from Gigapay by clicking the button next to the month under Business > Payouts. 

If this is the first time you do this, you will get an email from Gigapay with instructions on how to enroll with them. If you have already done this, you can simply login at Gigapay after clicking the “Request payout” button. They offer the following payment options:

  1. Private individual (4%) - Gigapay sends the money instantly to your bank account and handles necessary administration to pay you as an individual
  2. Automated invoice (2%) - Gigapay sends the money instantly to your bank account and generates an invoice for you
  3. Manual invoice - You send your own invoice to Gigapay after receiving instructions from them

You will receive an SMS/email with an invitation when the payment is ready. Click on the link and accept the invitation, then choose how you want to receive your payout. For more information about Gigapay, please visit Gigapay’s own FAQ.