Let customer decide the price with the 'PWYC' feature

VOYD.tv has many great features for you who want to easily get paid for your video content. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the "Pay What You Can" feature that allows your customers to decide what they want to pay for your video content, instead of paying a fixed price.

This article assumes that you have already created your own VOYD channel and uploaded, or will upload, a video for sale. How to create a VOYD channel you can find in the guide "Complete guide - 1: Create your VOYD channel" and how to upload a video you can find in the guide "Complete guide - 2: Publish your first video for sale".

Fixed price or optional amount?

Sometimes it can be difficult to know how much to charge for your video. Maybe there is a lack of good examples of how others have done it, or maybe you want to give your buyers the option to pay more than you ask to support you or why not a charity project that your revenue should go to? Then the "Pay What You Can" feature is the solution for you.

How "Pay What You Can" works

When you have uploaded your video to VOYD.tv, scroll down to the Pricing section. Here you can choose between the options Fixed price (which is exactly what it sounds like) or Pay What You Can. Select Pay What You Can.

Let's look at the image above and go through the different parts:

  1. Descriptive text – Here you can write a greeting that is displayed to the customer in connection with the purchase. You can tell them what is included, for example if you pay a higher price, tell them that part of the proceeds go to charity or simply just thank the buyer for supporting you by buying access to your video. What you write is of course entirely up to you, and you can also leave the box blank.
  2. Starting price – Here you enter the default price that should be set when the customer begins the purchase process, i.e. the price the customer starts from. It can be smart not to set it too low as many do not change the price but pay what you ask for.
  3. Lowest selectable price – Here you can specify what the lowest price you accept is. We recommend at least 2 EUR as the lowest price.
  4. Maximum selectable price – Here you can enter an upper limit for what customers can choose to pay. Maybe you don't want your customers to pay too much by mistake, or you don't want to risk the customer expecting more than you feel you can deliver. Then it may be reasonable to have an upper limit.

Did you know that the average price paid for a 20-40 minute film in the entertainment category on VOYD.tv is 7 EUR? That’s a good benchmark. 👌

It is not more difficult than that. Add or edit the remaining information about your video and publish it and you're good to go. Then just share, promote and track sales via your Dashboard in Creator Admin. Good luck! 🤗