How long do I have access to any purchased content?

Your access period automatically starts immediately after purchase/redeemed code. Exceptions when the creator has a release date. See more info further down.

You can always see how long you have access to a video/show under the buy button itself. The time can vary from anything between 48 hours, 7 days, 30 days, up to a year and more.

Note! Release date on-demand

If the video/show has a release date and you purchase access (or redeem your code) earlier than that, you will be greeted by a countdown timer counting down to the release of the video/show.

If you buy/redeem value code before release then just log in to your account then go to "My Account" and "My Purchases" and you'll find your unlocked video/show there when it's time to watch.


If you redeem your code before the release date, your access time for the video/show will start from the release of the video. If you want to watch the video/show later than release, we recommend that you redeem your code at the later time when you want to watch. Then the time starts to apply from the time you redeem the value code.


You cannot currently download movies from VOYD and watch offline, but if you want to watch the content you purchased, you need to log in with your username and password and have a working internet connection.