How do I create a Membership?

  1. Click on the Create a membership button in your Creator admin
  2. Choose a titel for your Membership
  3. Upload a nice cover image ( 1920 x 1080 , .jpg or .png )
  4. Enter a description of what your membership includes and what a member can expect
  5. Then you choose whether you want a range where the buyer can decide what they want to pay per month or you set a fixed amount. If you choose to have a price range, the Starting Price is were you want the price slider to start
  6. Include a message to the buyer such as “Thank you for supporting me”
  7. Choose which videos/audios should be included in your membership. You can add more afterwards and also in the video/audio upload
  8. Add a trailer presenting your membership, this can increase the willingness to buy (optional)
  9. Decide if your membership should be visible when you publish or if you want it to be hidden and click save
  10. Now you can see your membership in your product list and edit it from here, and your buyers can access it from the membership tab on your channel page or via the membership button.