How dance band Donnez creates streaming success beyond the dance floor


During the pandemic, the dance band Donnez started broadcasting live gigs on Facebook and YouTube so that fans could continue dancing from home. In turn, fans could send a voluntary donation in return to support the dance band.

It was a success, and today streaming is an integral part of the dance band's offering.

In addition to creating their own streaming studio, they are also supplementing it with a streaming channel on VOYD where they get rolling revenue with VOYD's paywall.

For example, in 2021 we had over 3.2 million views and have reached a much larger audience from Sweden, Norway and Finland.

---- Kapellmästaren Donald Laitila.

Involving the fans

Donnez makes sure to involve its fans and followers. So every month, fans get to make requests and suggestions for themes and songs for upcoming live shows. Today, you can find everything from Octoberfest to After Work themes on Donnez's streamed gigs. And the live recordings can then also be viewed either for free on their YouTube channel, but with ads, or completely ad-free and with higher video quality on their channel on VOYD, for a fee.

Now we can offer the audience so much more. Now they can invite and dance with each other at home while waiting to dance to us live on the dance floor.

---- Kapellmästaren Donald Laitila.

How they work with content on the channel

Donnez has a clear plan for its streaming channel. So AT LEAST once a month, they post a new video with a new theme. By continuously uploading material, they engage their fans to come back and also increase the chance of additional sales.

On VOYD, fans can choose to either take part in the content by buying access to separate videos, so-called Pay per view, or by signing a monthly membership on Donnez's channel, which then gives them access and benefits to Donnez's videos on an ongoing basis.

Sometimes they also create special package deals where fans can buy several videos in one package at a discounted price. So the dance band makes sure to utilize several of VOYD's features to create and offer as many streaming opportunities as they can for their fans and get recurring revenue every month.

  • PPV - On the Donnez channel, you can buy access to each video completely separately, known as pay per view.
  • Packages - In addition, they also offer their videos in different packages. This can be anything from "Buy X and get XX for free", or special celebratory packages.
  • Membership - Donnez has also opened up for membership where fans can subscribe to their channel and in return they get regular content and offers.

Releases exclusive documentary

Dansbandet Donnez nya dokumentär Äntligen får vi lov igen från sommarens spelningar

Donnez's documentary "Äntligen får vi lov igen" which depicts the time during the pandemic and the big summer tour when everything was opened up again.

In addition to the monthly theme shows, they have also released a longer documentary. Something completely new for the channel and completely exclusive. Which means that fans can only see the documentary by purchasing access to it on their channel on VOYD.

Great job and a great documentary. Your enthusiasm for the music comes through the screen. It makes you happy to watch!

---- One of the fans that purchased and streamed the documentary.

How they promote their content

In addition to involving the fans, Donnez makes sure to actively communicate to their fans on Facebook and Instagram, about what is available on their channels on VOYD and YouTube. 

Besides, they have placed direct links from the band's official website to ensure that fans find and promote the content there as well. The dance band has simply found a winning concept on how to best combine different platforms and channels. 

Donnez VOYD channel.

Donnez official page.