Create your own online training course

Building your own digital training course can sound complicated. But with it's actually not! In this guide, we'll go over everything you need to consider to get started. 

1. Plan your course

How do you plan your course? What do you have to consider and how do you prepare to achieve maximum results?

2. Record your video content

What to consider when recording your video content. What equipment is needed? How good must the quality be?

3. Build your course on 

How to create a selling VOYD channel. How should you price your course?

4. Market your course 

How do you market your course and reach both existing and new audiences?

1. Plan your course

A structured planning of your course is one of the most important elements in order to both save time for yourself and increase the value for your course participants. By working through the following questions beforehand, you increase your chances of success:

  • Who is the course primarily aimed at?
  • What can the person taking your course expect to get out of completing it?
  • What prior knowledge and equipment does the participant need to acquire before the start of the course?
  • How much time per week do you think each participant needs to invest in the implementation?
  • Which exercises will be included in each part?
  • Should the course be sold as a complete package or updated continuously?

2. Record your video content

It's important to remember that your buyers are buying access to your video content for the content's sake. They don't necessarily expect a professional production in a studio environment. 

Here are some tips:

  • Stage the lighting and background so that it will be a good experience for the viewer. Avoid backlight and shifting sun.
  • Think about how the viewer will view your video content. Film in landscape format for computer and TV and in portrait format for mobile. Shoot in both formats if in doubt. Rather shoot too much than too little.
  • Use a tripod and/or enlist the help of a friend to get the best video possible, and feel free to film from multiple angles to make it easy for the viewer to understand.
  • You don't need professional equipment. Smartphones work great. If you want to learn more about how to film professionally with your mobile phone, you can read our guide "5 tips for filming professionally with your mobile phone". Prioritize the sound quality. If you want to learn more about how to get a good sound, you can read our guide "5 tips for a successful sound". If you want to know more about different types of microphones, you can read our guide "Choose the right microphone for your recording".

3. Create your course on

Now that you've planned your course and recorded your video content, it's time to build the course on To simplify the process, here are some preparation tips:

  • Prepare images in advance and it will be easier to create your channel. You need both images for your channel and your videos. If you don't have good enough images of your own, there are free genre images to use on e.g.
  • Think through how you want to price your content. If you want many subscribers and have tough competition, 8-10 Euros/month can be a good starting point. If you feel your content is more unique, up to 50 Euros/month can work, in some cases even higher. You can always change the price afterwards if you don't sell as expected.
  • Prepare descriptive texts about you, your channel and the course. Go to and click Start VOYD Channel. Then just follow the instructions and you're up and running! You can learn more about how to create a channel on in our guide "Complete guide - 1: Create your VOYD channel". If you want to learn more about how to upload a video to VOYD, you can read our guide "Complete Guide - 2: Post Your First Video for Sale".

4. Promote your course

Congratulations! Now you have launched your online training course and can start making money from it. Here are some tips on how you can market the course to further increase your sales:

  • Give a gift to the first 50 people who sign up for a subscription. This motivates the buyer to act now and not wait.
  • Release one clip a month for free on YouTube and on your other social channels. Link to the course in the clip and in descriptive texts.
  • Link to the course everywhere – in your bio on Instagram, on your website and in other relevant places.
  • Collaborate with gyms and other players in your niche. Let them spread your course and share the revenue with you.
  • Get in touch with us at VOYD via the chat here alternatively at or by emailing and we will help you further. Good luck with your sale!