Content Control Policy

At VOYD, we take our content, customers and creators' safety seriously. Therefore we have a
dedicated team that manually reviews all uploaded content in order to make sure that it is not
violating any parts of our terms and conditions.

If a creator using VOYD fails to comply with our terms and conditions their content and their
channel can be removed, their account can be banned and they might be reported to

Content that are forbidden on VOYD:
● Content that is sexually explicit (e.g. pornography).
● Content Is hateful, or discriminatory, or defamatory, or incites hatred against any
individual or group.
● Content that promotes or supports terror or hate groups.
● Content that exploits or endangers minors.
● Content that is harassing or abusive.
● Content that contains false or misleading claims about health-related information, and
vaccine safety that has a serious potential to cause harm.
● Content that violates any applicable laws.
● Content that contains information or instruction assembling explosives and/or weapons.
● Content that promotes fraudulent or dubious business schemes or proposes unlawful
● Content that depicts unlawful acts or extreme violence.
● Content that depicts or encourages self-harm.
● Content that depicts animal cruelty or extreme violence towards animals.
● Content that Infringes any third party’s copyrights or other rights (e.g., trademark,
privacy rights, etc).
● Content that contains false information or misleading information about voting or
● Content that promotes conspiracy theories lined with hate speech or that can be
classified as defamation.

Our BSTS (better safe than sorry) philosophy
Even though we have help from our algorithms and our community, it might happen that an
approved content should not have been approved. Therefore, we should always flag content for
further review if we are unsecure.
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If an uploaded video is violating our terms and conditions:
● The content will not be published on and the creator who uploaded the content
will be contacted.
● Depending on the type of violation the user can be warned, banned and/or reported to
If an already published video is reported by our community to be violating our terms and
● The content will as soon as possible be removed from awaiting further
● Our team will review the content and take actions without unnecessary delay.
If a new video might be violating our terms and conditions:
● The content will not be published on and the content will be sent to our
Compliance department for further investigation, taking necessary actions as fast as
Our Compliance department and content review team are meeting quarterly to review stats,
policies and other relevant data in order to continually improve content quality, control and
safety. The Compliance department reports directly to the managing team and/or CEO.
Our latest General Terms and Conditions can be found at:

Should you find any content on our site that you feel is in violation of any of the above, please send us a report of it by clicking here.