Complete Guide - 1: Create Your VOYD Channel

Feel like it's time to start charging for your video content? How fun! 🤗 This guide will help you, step by step, to start using and to post your first video for sale.

Use this guide as a reference to go back to if you have any questions or get stuck. You get the best effect if you have a number of images and simpler descriptive texts that fully describe your content. If you don't have it, no problem, you can still follow the guide and go back and change it later.

1. Go to Creator admin and select My channel

You will then come to the channel editor. Here you decide how your channel should be displayed to your visitors, it's your store, so you might as well invest some time in making it look good!

Your VOYD channel is your own video store where all your videos, offers and other products are gathered together with information about you.

2. Change Cover Image (Banner)

Choose an image that you want as your channel banner. Recommended size is 2048 x 612 px and format should be .png and .jpeg, max 6 MB.


3. Change Profile Pic

Your profile picture is presented both on your channel and in search results. The image should be at least 150 x 150 px, format .png and .jpeg, max 2 MB.


4. Pick a Channel Name

Your channel name is the name of your store. It will also be included in your url.

Below the channel name, you can also select categories that fit your content. This means that visitors quickly get a feel for what you create, and it also means that those searching by categories have the opportunity to find your content.


5. Write a Description

A description is important for the visitor to know who you are, what you are selling and why it is worth buying. Are you sharing exclusive content they can't find anywhere else? Or do you have many years of experience with the knowledge you teach? Highlight your unique selling points as they deserve.


6. Your URL

You can find your url in the field under Channel name, alternatively by going to Creator's Admin and pressing the "Go to Channel" button on your dashboard and copying the url in the browser. You can link to this in social posts or when you share your VOYD channel in other channels.


Your channel becomes visible to the public when you publish your first video, but you can already watch the channel yourself. You can also change texts and images afterwards by logging in with your VOYD account and selecting Edit Channel.