Video player freeze/lag

Probable cause of the problem

When a video is streamed on VOYD, the video player reads (buffers) 40 seconds of the video before it starts playing. This usually happens within a few seconds. The reason for this is so that the video player always has time to load more video content than the user has had time to see. Sometimes the viewer catches up with the video player and then the video can either stutter or stop completely due to the video player having to reload 40 seconds of the movie.

You may have an unstable and/or too slow internet connection

Even if you have a fast internet connection "on paper", the error may be due to the router/home network, a temporary overload or a temporary malfunction with your internet provider.

TEST: If you use Wi-Fi, try disconnecting and only driving via, for example, mobile surfing. If it works then it is likely something with your router/home network or your internet provider.

Troubleshooting Actions

1. Try reloading the page in your browser.
2. If the problem persists, check that you do not have a problem with your internet connection by, for example, measuring it at
3A. If you do not experience any error with your internet connection, try restarting your computer/device or viewing the content on another device, e.g. a computer/smartphone (if possible).
3B. If you find that your Internet connection does not meet your expectations, try restarting your router and check if your Internet provider has any malfunctions.
4. If the problem still persists, please contact us again and we will have our technicians investigate what may be wrong.

VOYD may have a temporary malfunction

Although VOYD is normally a stable service, it relies on a number of third-party providers. This may mean that for short periods the service may become overloaded or have reduced capacity, which in turn may affect how much video the video player manages to load. Then the viewer may experience the same error as mentioned above.

If it still doesn't work, you can contact our customer service here.